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Chetan Zabde, director of Zenith Migration Services is a registered migration consultant for Australia. Chetan specialises in helping International students gain permanent residency through Employer sponsorship programmes and State government sponsorships.

Chetan helps international students plan their future and gain critical skills in a number of areas including English language skills, social skills and employment skills. These skills ensure students gain professional jobs relevant to their education, leading to sponsorships from Employers and/or State governments resulting in gaining permanent residency in Australia. Once these skills are gained, our team ensures visa applications are processed smoothly and successfully for clients.

Chetan Zabde came to Australia as an International student 23 years ago. During the initial years, he experienced difficulties that every international student faces in Australia. In 2003, Chetan turned his back on a professional career to launch Zenith Migration Services and has advised over 1000 international students on pathways to gain Australian permanent residency.

International students waste a number of years and thousands of dollars in their pursuit to gain permanent residency due to lack of planning and skills. They are under immense social and economic pressure to gain permanent residency as soon as possible. Once they gain their permanent residency, they struggle to get professional jobs. As a team, we ensure students are empowered with knowledge of their rights and restrictions in Australia, have confidence and are focussed on skills required to achieve their goals and have a successful professional career.

More than 97% of people who seek our assistance and follow advice gain permanent residency.

You made me feel confident and took away my worries, also helped explain each stage of the process. You are very professional but easy going in day to day emails. Thank you for putting up with my 100’s of questions and always being so good to reply straight away. Very friendly staff. We appreciate all your help and would recommend you to everyone we know.
Vishal Kachia
I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr. Chetan Zabde for all your help, support and advice. I am totally over the moon to finally be a permanent resident. Couldn’t have done it without you. Will be recommending to everyone.
Dinesh Reddy

Chetan Zabde is the author of soon to be released book “7 Steps to Permanent Residency in Australia – A step by step guide for international students from India.” This book identifies the key areas that international students require to successfully gain permanent residency in Australia.

Chetan is also an official Smallville Contributor – a place for Small Business owners who think big.

Our Principal Migration Agent: Chetan Zabde

MARA number: 0428055

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