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As a migration consultant, I help Small Businesses sponsor overseas workers in full time skilled positions. Having been the owner of a Small Business myself, I am aware of the problems Small Businesses have, specifically when it comes to recruitment and retention of skilled staff.

It takes at least 6-8 months in our business to train a new staff member to undertake their job duties and understand clients and their needs. To lose someone after spending so much time and resources can be draining. Retention of staff is important for the smooth operation of the business, as clients are not always comfortable dealing with new people on a regular basis.

There are a number of ways to source and retain skilled employees. One of the most effective ways is to recruit overseas workers with specific skills required by your business. Sponsoring overseas workers is not as hard as some people like to think. There are more than 90,000 overseas workers currently on work visas under employer sponsorships in Australia.

Following are few of the benefits of employing overseas workers:

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Small Businesses generally try to recruit staff living in the same city as their business. They are reluctant to recruit people living in other towns or cities. By doing this, they look for prospects in a very small pool of network and struggle to recruit the right person for the job. By employing overseas workers, businesses have access to a much larger pool of skilled personnel from across the globe.


With employment exposure in other countries, overseas workers bring in new ideas and skills that help with business growth. One client recently sponsored a manager with over five years of experience in U.K and Scotland. The employee’s experience in working as a manager across different countries enabled him to bring global best practices to a local business and maintain high customer service standards. The sponsoring business benefited from his experience and management skills.


By sponsoring an overseas worker on a work visa, you are able to retain them for up to four years and more if you further sponsor them in future. Sponsored workers cannot work for any other employer whilst they are under your business sponsorship. They will need an approval of sponsorship for the new business from the Department of Immigration to switch employers. This means it is much harder for overseas workers to leave your business and work for someone else.


When overseas workers come into the country, they are no longer in their comfort zone. They make such a move knowing they are going to a place which is relatively unknown to them. Most of the time, they have no friends or family when they first arrive in Australia. They only make the move if they are highly motivated towards a better professional career or lifestyle (sometimes both). They are completely focused on what they want to achieve and will work hard to make a good impression. They will also be aware that non-performance can mean losing the job and sponsorship and returning back to their home country.

If you are unable to source skilled staff locally or are experiencing high churn over, employing and sponsoring overseas skilled people can not only solve these problems but also help your business grow.

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