Internships crucial in gaining Australian Permanent Residency

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Most international students plan to apply for professional jobs only after they’ve completed their courses. They get caught up in the stressful cycle of trying to balance work and study whilst on a student visa.

Most of them lack confidence to gain a professional job whilst on temporary visas. They aim to complete their studies and gain Australian permanent residency before applying for jobs relevant to their courses.

When they come to the end of their studies, students realize the importance of employment experience to become an Australian Permanent Resident. Number of years of relevant employment experience provides extra points to the overall score required for gaining permanent residency under skilled migration programme.

Without relevant experience, their options are dramatically limited to be able to stay permanently in Australia. Having realized the importance of employment experience at this stage, students have no idea how to approach the professional job market.

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To get a professional job, you need Australian work experience. But as a student or recent graduate, how do you gain that practical experience? One increasingly popular way is through Internship programmes.

Australian Internship programmes are a great way to get practical experience, build networks, improve communication skills, enhance one’s resume and get references.

If you are an international graduate in Australia without professional experience, taking part in an internship programme is vital.

Benefits of working in an Internship program

  • Gain experience in your relevant field of study.
  • Possibility of employment with your host company.
  • Develop your communication skills and gain confidence.
  • Learn how your industry works.
  • You get an opportunity to apply what you learned in University.
  • Explore and plan your future career path.
  • Add the experience to your resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile.
  • Build your professional network.
  • Gain references and endorsements from your host employer.


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Many host companies, where you work as an intern will offer a job upon completion of placement under the internship programme if they need your skill and services. After spending at least twelve weeks in training on various aspects of the role, businesses will hugely benefit by offering you a job as they will not have to spend resources on training new employees.

A number of interns miss out on getting a job though. After the initial excitement of getting internship placement, most people get into a comfort zone and become merely functional. They perform duties that are expected of them and go home.

Your employer will offer you a job not because they want to do you a favour but because they feel that your skills directly benefit their organization. They want to retain you as a valued employee.

By focusing on some simple activities mentioned below, you can make yourself irreplaceable:

Learn -Show your employers that you are willing to learn and they will train you (and they will reward your initiative). Once you have got the know-how and the abilities to handle multiple essential tasks, you will be irreplaceable.

Listen – When you want to talk about an important issue with the management, sit down with them and talk it over. Face-to-face communication is the best way to provide input or give feedback, and it makes you more visible to management.

Take Ownership – If you make a mistake and try to deflect the blame onto somebody else, you will end up magnifying what might have been an easily forgivable mistake. Taking ownership for mistakes can quickly turn a negative into a positive.

Innovate – When you encounter a problem that doesn’t have a simple solution, try to think your way out of it. You will draw negative attention to yourself if you constantly require assistance to solve problems.

Lead – Employers, and especially small businesses, lack resources. They are always looking for opportunities to delegate responsibilities to capable leaders. You can demonstrate leadership skills by helping other team members, taking initiatives and working primarily for business growth.

Introduce Technology– Small businesses lack skills and resources in using technology for business growth. Learn new skills and help your employer with various resources like launching social media platforms and accounting software.

By focussing on gaining professional employment, you will not only launch your professional career and experience job satisfaction but will also find the pathway to permanent residency.

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Chetan Zabde has been working as a migration consultant since 2003. He has published a book “7 Steps to Permanent Residency in Australia”. This book is a guide to help students gain permanent residency in Australia. You can get a copy of this book at 

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