DID YOU KNOW? There are guaranteed pathways to permanent Australian residency.

There are more than 300,000 international students currently studying in Australia and many of these students will want to stay in the country after they graduate. However, only a small portion of them will be invited to apply.

To make applying for and approval of permanent residency as simple and straightforward a process as possible, you as an international student will need a guide – one that explains in a clear and concise way exactly what is expected of you and what you need to do to make your dream a reality.

The book, 7 Steps to Permanent Residency in Australia, is your guide.

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International Students

Indian Students

Author, Chetan Zabde knows first-hand the problems international students face because he was one.

More than two decades ago, I came to Australia as an international student and have experienced the problems that students face. Over the past 13 years, I have helped more than 1000 students with the obstacles they face on their way to gaining permanent residency and enjoying life in Australia” he says.

This book provides a proven framework that will ensure you are prepared for the challenges you will encounter as you study, seek employment and socialise in Australia.

5 ways this book can help you

  1. Devise a plan at the start – Planning your pathway to permanent residency is about recognising that there is a difference between the easy path and its short-term gains, and the more difficult path to long-term success. You will learn the importance of working on specific skills and setting goals towards achieving them.
  1. Understand your rights and restrictions in Australia – Empowerment brings confidence. Knowledge of what you can and cannot do while on student and work visas will save you from the pitfalls of taking shortcuts. You will learn about your rights in the workplace and how to face difficult situations.
  1. Improve English language skills – Communication skills not only helps in gaining permanent residency but also gain professional jobs and increasing your networks. This book provides simple steps, if practised over a period of time, will assist in getting a higher score in the language tests and also help in a number of other areas important to gaining permanent residency.
  1. Gain a professional job – Successfully gaining and retaining a professional job involves a number of skills including networking, social skills, interview skills, preparing your resume/CV to Australian standards and showing confidence in the workplace. You will learn a number of tips and important steps to succeed in gaining a professional job in Australia.
  1. Choose the right pathway to permanent residency – Choosing the right pathway to permanent residency at the right time is crucial in saving time and money. You will learn the various pathways available to successfully gain permanent residency once you have acquired the necessary skills.

 What people are saying

“Chetan handled my application with professionalism and in a timely manner to ensure the best possible outcome. I could rely on him to obtain the best advice at all times. Chetan remained available throughout the whole process and was a great contributor in obtaining an approval on my current visa. His dedicated staff has a pleasant approach.”

Joanne Cornet

“We used Chetan Zabde’s services to obtain our permanent visa. We were very impressed with his efficient support, regular communication and smooth, fast and high-standard service. We strongly recommend Chetan to anyone who is going through the visa process.”

Mojdeh Abedi

Chetan Zabde specialises in Australian immigration. His role is to help you through many of the difficult situations that come with moving to, studying in and settling permanently in Australia.


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