Do you want to gain Permanent Residency in Australia? – Tasmania can be an option.

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A high number of international students have completed their higher education courses (predominantly MBA, IT and Accounting) in 2016 and are looking forward to be granted post study work visas.

If you want to be an Australian Permanent Resident, planning your pathway is critical to attain this goal.

By using the time allotted during the two-year post-study work visa, you will move closer to attaining permanent residency and won’t find yourself in a desperate situation. Many International students delay, realising little the importance of making the most of this two-year period, and these delays can be costly.

To apply for permanent residency under the skilled migration program, you must first submit an expression of interest (EOI). The Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) will then send you an invitation to submit an application under the skilled migration program. Time plays a critical role here. It can take anywhere from a month to two years for the DIBP to respond to your EOI.

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The DIBP does not send an invitation to everyone who submits an EOI. A set number of places are allocated each financial year under the skilled migration program. Priority is given to people who have employer or state sponsorships.

The number of points you have also determines how fast you receive an invitation. If you have a score well above the 60-point threshold, it is more likely that you will receive your invitation quickly. If you barely qualify, you might not receive an invitation at all.

What is the fastest way to receive an invitation from DIBP?

When a state government sponsors you, the Department of Immigration and Border Protection prioritises that application. This significantly shortens the time you’ll have to wait before you receive your invitation to apply for residency under the skilled migration program. It usually only takes a single day for the invitation to come through after the state government approves your sponsorship.

Students who have completed their education in Australia are high-priority targets for state governments. Since they have lived in Australia for a few years, international students understand social and professional life in Australia.

Over the past few years, state governments though have been wary of sponsoring students especially if they have lived and completed their education in other states.

Again, planning is crucial here if you want to achieve your goals. Victoria and NSW are always in demand due to the size of population in those states and might not be willing to sponsor you if you do not have any relevant employment experience.

Other states like ACT and South Australia will be more willing to sponsor, if you live and work in your occupation for a minimum of six to twelve months in the sponsoring state.

More recently, Tasmania has opened their doors wider to attract skilled immigrants. To be eligible, you must –

Study full time for at least one year in Tasmania. 

  1. The course must be CRICOS registered.
  2. You must be eligible to study full time.
  3. You must meet all the DIBP requirements to apply under the GSM (General Skilled Migration Scheme).


Have a full time job offer in an occupation from the CSOL list.

A state government will sponsor you if they require your skills which helps build the state’s economy. The benefit for you is that you will achieve your goal of gaining permanent residency. But for this, you will need to make a commitment to live in the sponsoring state for a certain period of time.

To know more about gaining permanent residency, please email on or call 1300 921 869.


Chetan Zabde
Zenith Migration Services
MARA: 0428055

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